“Just get me a really big closet.”
— Carrie Bradshaw

"I originally started Let's Wear Black because I wanted to be like the many fashion bloggers who I looked to for outfit inspiration. However, following instead of leading is not part of my Leo blood. I want Let's Wear Black to be more than just another fashion blog for daily outfit inspiration. I want it to be a daily dosage of education, awareness, and motivation... in and outside of the closet.

That being said, I hope this site not only inspires your closet but also makes you laugh and encourages you to wear what makes you feel best."

Written when I first created the Let's Wear Black website on September 17th, 2014.

With this new website, I hope that I can follow through with my original intentions and make this now lifestyle-fashion-food-travel blog what I've always hoped it could be. Thank you for following along on this very special journey. 
Let's Wear Black